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Porch Swing Farm Days 3/29

Monday has arrived. (Sound of horns. Or - at the farm - the sound of goose honks.) A sunny one here.

One of the things that I have learned as a grown person is that maintenance is hard. No matter what. It's not sexy or interesting - pumps no adrenaline. I will quote my professor Pat Martin who many years told me (I'm sure I was frazzled at the time) that I should try to do a little every day. So a little maintenance happened today. Glamorous chicken coop cleaning. The bright side of coop cleaning is that it leads to raised bed filling. I'm filling my beds now with chicken litter mixed with leaves to cure a bit before planting fall things in them. We'll add some top soil and a little sand and grow a bunch of sugar beets and radishes for the piggles. Look at those chickens just chipping in and helping out.

The teenage chicks are venturing out more, enjoying the extra space and the sunshine.

Lots of babies on their way! I finally found some Sebastopol goose eggs and have planned to have them shipped in early April. Yeah! Fluffy geese! More, less cuddly babies are on their way. Lots of little baby frogs coming soon!

Just a line of little wagging tails here. These little guys are eager to have a snack at any opportunity. So - while mom is eating breakfast, they are nosing their way into the buffet.

Liz, Mary's sister, is due any minute with her first litter too. I think she's more like Maybelline and eager to keep us in suspense.

And now on to Tuesday! We're looking forward to our first pork deliveries this week - making moves! Best - HP

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