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Porch Swing Farm Days 4/27

Hey all. Hope you're making it through this nice springy week. Aaron and I both teach so this time of year means that we are wrapping things up at school. We both only have one more teaching day and then off to the finals. It's been a strange semester and has us both thinking more about the nature and intent of education, especially higher education. We both think things are bound to change but we're not sure exactly how. Anyway - you are not here for college talk! You're here for pictures of baby geese, right? On with it then!

I know I've said it before but you have not felt soft until you've held a baby goose. The chicks are soft and certainly baby goats are soft (and smell good) but the goslings are like fluffy velvet beanbags full of warm marshmallow. Like they have no bones. And they cheep adorably. And the feet. If they weren't fragile living creatures, I would say everyone should have one as a therapy animal. Also, from what I read, you are not supposed to handle them too much as babies because it make them mean as adults. Luckily, I'm not going to have these as adults so I'm going to hold them all week until they go to their new home. Mostly just kidding.

I would have thought that there was some sort of language barrier here but these guys carried on this conversation for quite a while. It was robust. I don't think the pigs are going to do whatever it is that the geese ask (pigs are not generally willing to do what is asked of them without dietary compensation) but it does look like they are taking it under advisement.

If you were worried, I have completed the taxes! Wahoo! And we're expecting the next hatch of geese on 5/11 for the 1st batch of Sebastapols, the ones under the hens. Keep your fingers crossed! Best - HP

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