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Porch Swing Farm Days 4/4&5

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Happy very late Easter! We had a beautiful, super fun day here on the farm. Aaron's folks and Cassie and Jason and the kiddos all came out and brought beautiful things. Cassie made the table beautiful. And then Barbara brought even more pretty things. A wealth of riches.

Cassie had come across images centerpieces with chicks in them in a book by lovely designer and fellow chicken lover Christopher Spitzmiller and we thought "Why not?".

Cassie found these lovely glass tanks and I found some sweet little Buff Orpingtons from a lovely woman in a Facebook group I am part of. We added hand warmers under the pine shavings to keep the little ones warm. It was a gorgeous day - 75 degrees and sunny. The rest of the table was equally charming. Later in the meal, there was a little pooping in the jars - one cannot control all of nature.

And Aaron made that recipe from the New York Times with the fresh ham from our farm. He roasted this nice piece of meat, basting it with maple syrup the entire time. Then, upon serving, he used the drippings for a sauce and sprinkled the most delicious stuff on the top - chopped crystallized ginger and Porch Swing pecans. We were all surprised by how much that sprinkle added to the ham. Some perfect bites with Jason and Cassie's scalloped potatoes and Barbara's fresh pea salad.

Crispy fat. Made and grown with lots of love.

More Easter pics tomorrow! Lots and lots to see! And - spoiler alert - Liz had her piggies! Best - HP

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