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Porch Swing Farms 5/3

Happy Monday dears! Not a wide variety of things going on today. We fence the pigs in with electric fencing which is great and simple and allows us to move them around to fresh pastures. In the spring though, the pastures grow so fast that the greenery grows up into the fence and shorts it out. I do a bit of fence tidying everyday but had to call in reinforcements today. Aaron came out and we made amazing progress. It allowed us to move the Large Black feeders to a new fresh pasture.

They were very pleased and made a day of exploring the edges of their new spot. This one seemed overwhelmed by the situation and had to sit down to take it all in.

These guys are very nearly at market weight and will head out 2 or 3 at a time starting next week. They are actually a cross between the Large Black pigs and the Gloucester Old Spots. It's supposed to be a great cross for really nice pork.

Have a great rest of the week! I'm rendering lard this week for the first time, trying to follow the "all the parts of the buffalo" notion. Best - HP


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