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Porch Swing Farms Day 2/17

Who knew it would snow all day? Not this girl. But - we're getting accustomed. Also, it could stop any time. Any time. Now for instance.

So we're up to close to 15 inches, based on where the snow hits me on my boots. The forecast calls for 61 degrees on Tuesday. Can't wait.

The girls bellying up to the warm water bar. These hens have had their coop door open all day in the snow because they have a large protected area under their coop. Only 3 or 4 have taken me up on it, preferring their warmer coop than the crappy snow. I walk warm water around morning, noon and sunset to the outdoor coops since everything has been frozen for days. I mentioned that the snow is actually water but the chickens never listen to me.

I was worried about these pearl leghorns. They are the lightest weight of all the birds so I tucked them in with some teenage birds that have a giant coop all to themselves. The leghorns are pretty tough I'm learning. These guys are here at the house, but there are a couple of leghorns at the farm too. They are the ones who are the most likely to venture out into the snow to forage. They make me cold just looking at them on their skinny little legs. I'm not sure who's going to be happier that they get to go outside soon - them or me...

Another snow day tomorrow and then hopefully a thaw on Friday. Wish us luck! Best - HP

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