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Porch Swing Farms Day 3/25 and 26

Hello again, fair reader. A beautiful couple days here. Too much rain still but today was perfection. Thankful for a normal day today. Feeding the creatures, checking in on the little ones, picking up radish seeds and chicken wire. We're running chicken wire around the bottom edge of one of the chicken yards so that the little ones can enjoy the spring weather. We'll get that squared away on Sunday. It's always lovely to get see the young chickens learning how to be chickens - scratching and pecking and roosting.

Every chicken we have has something pretty about her. This is a Whiting hen, about a year old now. She lays either the green or blue eggs that you see in our cartons. And she lays almost everyday - like a superstar.

Piglets continue to piglet. These kids are now able to get out but mostly still love a hunker down in the hay.

If you have been following along, we have been expecting another farm addition - a new truck. She arrived yesterday - in all her glory! Meet Wanda. She's going to be a tremendous asset to our work and I think we might actually feel pretty cool driving her around. We appreciate you, powerful, useful machine!

And speaking of new additions, Mary's sister Liz is due any moment. We're excited to see what she has. I'm pretty sure she will be very pleased to offload her cargo too.

Egg delivery tomorrow! Excited to see all the flowers in bloom! Best - HP

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