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Porch Swing Recipe - Chops with Blistered Grapes

A new feature here at the farm site! We'll pick a recipe that features the good stuff, our pastured heritage pork, and then Aaron will cook it! What a great deal! Last night, we cooked this one from the New York Times - Pork Chops with Blistered Grapes. Delicious. I'll post the recipe at the bottom of the post too. We made mashed potatoes that were amazing with the sauce on top of them and a blue cheese/apple/Porch Swing Pecan salad. It did have lettuce in it too. If you have not tried the nuts on solid, just stop reading now and do it. I'm not crazy about salad on the regular, but they really make it.

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As you all know by now, I didn't cook it but watched Aaron do it while I drank wine and he wasn't struggling so I think it's pretty easy.

Brown the chops. Ours looked like this:

The recipe says 5 minutes each side but that would have been tooooo long for ours. We did 3 minutes each side and they were perfect. Keep the chops warm. And put those grapes in the same skillet and add the other stuff in. You'll read the recipe, right?

They smell delicious. Like hot sweet wine. And garlic.

And then add the chops back in. Luxurious. Look at the sheen on that! Nice work, Aaron. Everybody liked this one - our nearly a teen nephew had 2nds. Hope you enjoy!! Need the chops to make this great? We'll bring them to you - shop here. You can get just the chops or try the Pork Primer and we'll send along our breakfast sausage and some more great recipes and a freebie on your next order.

And the Times recipe:

Thanks for playing!


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