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Quick and Painless and Delicious

Hello folks! Hope you are all staying nice and warm here in the bleak midwinter (a favorite carol of mine from my days of working on Christmas Carol in Milwaukee - check it out here if you don't know it). My smart sister-in-law alerted us to the genius of a new tortilla phenomenon where you basically make a triangle of melty joy out of your favorite things. She very wisely suggested using the Porch Swing vittles to create one - to great success! Here's the link to the NYT story via Instagram.

Look at that beauty! Couldn't have been easier! Thing I learned: you need a little "glue" to hold it all together so feel free to spread the pimento love to all four corners - just a little - to avoid ingredient spill.

We used salami, Barred Rock pickles, Porch Swing pimento and pickled onions. Because it's basically a delicious cheese bomb, we thought a salad was called for - mixed greens (beet/chard/kale), grapefruit, olive oil, salt, pepper shallots, olives and Porch swing pecans (you knew we'd sneak them in somewhere)..

Want some steps? We have some. Here's the stuff we started with:

So also a flour tortilla. We are sans gluten here at the homestead so we we used Siete brand from our local Kroger.

With that tortilla, cut one slit from the center to the edge. And then go to town on the goodies!

So fold that salami over the cheese, then that bit over the onions and then over the pickles. I was concerned about pickle shrapnel in my pan so I put a little more cheese over there. Oh, the sacrifices.

Here's the kiddo after folding. Give it a gentle press to make all those delicious bits live together.

And then into a frying pan! I used our carbon steel that is mostly non-stick after all these years. Medium hot. Cook on one side for a minute or 2 until brown and then repeat for the other. Give it a squish too - nobody is mad at those crispy cheese bits.

Look at that angel - warm and toasty.

And that is that! If you wanted to knock out another Porch Swing product, scrambled egg would be delish in this affair. I feel a breakfast coming on. Enjoy a toasty treat on a chilly day!

Thanks for all your support - check out Porch Swing stuff here to make your own. Big thanks to Cassie for sending is this treat our way!

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