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Sooo many pigs!

Greetings from the farm! We've had quite a summer here at the Porch Swing. After Aaron, my co-farmer and darling husband, took a tumble that redesigned his knee cap somewhat, we had TWO litters of piglets. Our registered Gloucestershire Old Spot gilt, Maybelline, had a litter of 8 bouncing babies. So exciting to have the first litter. Maybelline is the BEST mom.

All tucked in! We'll be adding a couple of these girls to the herd here at the farm.

Eleanor, our big girl, had 10 kiddos two weeks later.

They are growing sooo fast! Within 3 days, they were all out of the barn, scooting around in the dirt and grass.

It's hard to believe how big they'll get when they start so small. They start out at about two pounds and will grow to over 200 pounds by 8 or 9 months old. They'll be out on the pasture in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting humane, local, pasture based farming!


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