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Sooo much time on the more chicks...

Greetings fellow Covid avoiders! We're hunkered down here on the farm, spending this quality time building new chicken cottages (pics coming soon!) and hatching some new darling babies. We have 22 new kiddos - quarantine chick boom, maybe? We're expanding the flock here and have these new little ones and about 20 that hatched 3 weeks ago. Just 6 more months until we get eggs!

We noticed the rush on chicks at the feed store and Tractor Supply during the past few months. I spoke to a Tractor Supply staff person who said people were purchasing 20 or 30 chicks at a time. That's a lot of babies for a newbie! Interesting article here about the demand for baby chicks from NPR. We wish them luck! It seems that the virus crises has made folk more aware of where their food comes from. We're happy that some folks get it from us.

Here's where your eggs come from! These actual chickens. Not the rooster - he's just for show. But he is very good looking.

Aaron (the husband) and I have both converted to teaching on-line. It's been both great and challenging. And I was checking the incubator every few minutes which would not have happened if I was at college all day. I might have hovered a little...

Thanks for supporting farms now and in the future! You are making our farm life and the great life that our creatures enjoy possible. Please feel great about that!

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