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Spring is springing!

Greetings! We are full on farming, friends! I RESEEDED the pasture this week! Crazy! The pigs are plowing things up and we're replacing what they are eating/turning with delicious white clover and ryegrass.

Ellie sends her best to you all. And is super proud of her double chin. No shame in her game.

We're also moving the chicken to a more free range situation. They're moving from their 2 acre home to the 10 acre pasture. They are stoked, for sure. Lots of hunting and pecking (just like my typing).

These guys are saying "Hey girl" around the side of their ChRV (chicken RV). They have a little mobile home that we're moving all around the farm to give them an even more joyful life - and lay some beautiful eggs too.

The garden is kicking too! Most of the garden is for flowers and food for the animals - hope they like pumpkins! We just harvested the first type of garlic and it did well. We're growing seed garlic to replant for next year when we'll have SOOO much garlic.

And we made pickles this week. Aaron makes amazing bread and butter style pickles. We consume an above average number of cheese plates at the home (we pretend we're real fancy), and the pickles really make them special.

We were in a restaurant for Aaron's birthday years ago in South Carolina. I know it's not usually what someone raves about, but they served us these amazing pickles. They called them cement pickles because they were so crisp and have a bluish color to them. Aaron bravely asked for the recipe and used that as the base for the version we make today. If you think you don't like sweet pickles, they will convert you.

We may have some spare jars so stay tuned! Email me and I'll include a sample with your eggs.

Thanks for checking in with the farm goings on. We're loving creating this thing and appreciate you coming along for the ride.


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