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Springtime Happenings

Hey folks! Greetings from our happy yet slightly waterlogged farm! Lots of rain falling here in our bottom lands lately. We'll be super happy for some drying out and sunny days. The piggos are okay with a certain level of mud but even they are ready for some firmer ground.

A couple more litters of little guys have arrived. We're really appreciative of our mom pigs for taking care of so many littles. One of our moms had more little ones that she could handle at first, so we bottle fed a couple of them to get them going.

They get a special blend of Karo syrup, egg yolk and cow's milk. Delicious.

Our geese are working on making more geese. This sweet girl has 8 or 9 eggs lodged under her. Geese eggs take 28-32 days to hatch so we still have a few weeks to cross our fingers and nervously watch our girl.

We also have some goose eggs in the incubator that we are also nervously watching. We'll keep you posted on those geese-in-waiting.

The egg production is up with daylight savings time and longer days so we're making more progress on the egg waiting list. Feels good to bring egg joy to folks!

Hope your spring is proving to be less muddy and more sunny! Best from all of us!

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