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The spring has sprung! Hopefully!

Greetings loves! Lots of spring happening this week! After the thaw, we're a little soggy but hopefully that will provide great homes for all our little seeds we planted this week. And the frogs have gone crazy! It's a chorus of peepers all over the farm. Such tiny little creatures making such a cacophony!

All the piglet are doing great. They've become one very large litter. I'll come out to feed everybody and can't find a piglet anywhere. And then I check the last shelter - and they're all piled in there. All the weasels. It's a little 101 Dalmatians.

We have 2 more moms due anytime and another couple in a month so there's no end in sight to the littles.

By now, you know our sweet Fiat. She's the sweetest, softest darling girl. It's amazing anything ever gets done at the farm with this one around. She is super cuddly and loves any version of petting - ear scratches, tummy rubs, etc. All welcome and the more the better. We also have not seen a mouse in months. Kudos, Fiat, kudos.

The chickens have been extra free range-y lately - lots of shopping for new bugs, worms, new sprouts - all fair game. The ladies have been wandering far and wide, super happy to have the winter behind them (wing feathers crossed). Egg production is up, and we have some new girls who are just starting in on their laying careers. Bring on the spring!

We'll see you all this week at the Hillcrest Farmers Market - looks like rain but a little warmer! Have a great spring week!


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